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Tom Catoliato For Bedford

Tom Catoliato assumed the role of Bedford Town Board member in February 2022, following his appointment to fill a vacant seat left by Supervisor Ellen Calves. Initially appointed for the year 2022, Mr. Catoliato embarked on a one-year term, culminating in a special election in Fall 2022 to complete Ms. Calves' final year on the Bedford Town Board for 2023. Thomas ran unopposed on the ballot but only gained 85% of votes cast, ceding 15% of votes to a write-in candidate. 

Thomas Catoliato had long been registered as an Independent but changed his party affiliation to Democrat the same year of his appointment in 2022, according to publicly available Board of Election data. Let's hope Tom Catoliato's timing was just a remarkable coincidence, otherwise being a registered Bedford Democrat looks a lot like a requirement for appointment. 

Tom Catoliato, Bedford
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