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Hi, I'm Mike



I was born and raised in nearby Yorktown Heights and worked several years as a camp counselor at the Bedford Hills Day Camp. Coincidentally, I spent many a rainy day entertaining young campers at the very same Community House that is now right outside my living room window. Years later, I would meet the love of my life (now my wife of 8 years) on Adams Street where we both worked at a sports marketing firm after college.


A devoted husband to my best friend and wife Nell who is healthcare hero and Surgical PA at Norwalk Hospital. A brother to two distinguished police officers in Yorktown and Dobbs Ferry. A proud Godfather to my nephew Jack and niece Mia.


While camp counselor ranks near the top of my favorite gigs, I have a diverse background across many professions including The United States Air Force, sports management (Hudson Valley Renegades, NY Jets), and eventually honing in on digital marketing.

For over 13 years, my career trajectory has exposed me to a wide range of experiences and understandings. I've delved into the intricacies of finance with American Express, explored the nuances of pharmaceuticals with Novartis, and immersed myself in the automotive realm with Hyundai. Among those various pursuits, my fervor for behavioral health has emerged as a prominent cornerstone. This pressing crises, affecting a substantial portion of the population, has ignited a deep-seated passion within me. For the better part of the last 8 years, I have embarked on transformative roles within early-stage growth startups, dedicated to enhancing affordability and accessibility to mental healthcare. Through these experiences, I've honed the ability to wear multiple hats and utilize agility in problem-solving qualities I will eagerly bring to the Town Board. 

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