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101 Ideas

As we engage in conversations, we genuinely value your input. Over the past several months, we've actively gathered feedback from our community members and diligently documented it. We are confident that this compilation of 101 ideas represents precisely what Bedford requires, and we aspire for these to serve as our guiding principles throughout our four-year term, commencing in January 2024.


Business Navigator

Develop a new business navigator program that assists new brick & mortar locations in opening and succeeding in Bedford


  1. Increase investment in roads and bridges - make Bedford number one in the county in terms of quality of roads

  2. Create point-to-point rideshare i.e. "Senior Uber"

  3. Enhance pedestrian and cycling infrastructure

  4. Establish more parks and green spaces ; increase passive and active recreation areas

  5. Publish and promote a town-wide trail map

  6. Develop a community garden

  7. Publish tree planting plan and share with community members to solicit feedback

  8. Create a public art program to beautify the town

  9. Increase public benches and seating areas ; publicize the community for sponsorships

  10. Reevaluate recycling program and waste reduction - what's working, what's not ; and keep score

  11. Study water quality including town-wide wells

  12. Run pop up local farmers markets in hamlets in addition to John Jay Homestead

  13. Develop and publish specific plans to help local businesses and entrepreneurs

  14. Establish and promote business incubators and co-working spaces

  15. Provide financial incentives for businesses to invest in the town and partner with those willing to invest

  16. Promote and attract visitors to our hamlets

  17. Create joint historical advisory committee involving all three hamlet organizations

  18. Amplify Destination 39.3 so that they can continue to organize great festivals and events, showcasing local talent and culture

  19. Start an Adopt-A-Road program

  20. Bring high speed Wi-Fi to each hamlet

  21. Establish a local business association for Bedford Hills ; should not be town-run

  22. Review town wide public lighting for safety and aesthetics ; where can we improve?

  23. Re-establish a comprehensive town master plan (a missed opportunity with the existing Town Board)

  24. Create more affordable housing options for residents after doing an audit and a report to the community

  25. Implement energy-efficient and sustainable building practices

  26. Promote green building initiatives and LEED certification ; explain and publicize in addition to talking about cost impacts on residents

  27. Publish cost benefit analysis for all renewable energy investments ; set payback targets by policy

  28. Work with local healthcare facilities to establish walk-in or minute clinics in one or more of the hamlets

  29. Arrange visits from mobile health providers to give access to underserved community members

  30. Seek out a business to move into the Bedford Hills train station

  31. Expand physical fitness through recreational programs or closely partner with Northern Westchester Hospital

  32. Promote expanded use of newly renovated Bedford Hills Community Center ; keep track of progress year over year (a $3.4 million investment needs to pay dividends for the community)

  33. Develop local vocational training opportunities ; work with the Community Center of Northern Westchester to expand program

  34. Create dirt roads advisory committee to help improve the quality of our signature dirt road system

  35. Expand and professionalize our intern and mentorship program for youth

  36. Promote volunteerism and community service ; recognize contributions at least monthly

  37. Create 'Volunteer of the Year' award

  38. Establish a youth council or advisory board ; consider adding high school student as a non-voting Town Board member

  39. Improve access to and publish available affordable childcare services

  40. Develop programs for at-risk youth ; work with interfaith council and drug advisory council

  41. Consider establishing a drug court

  42. Support local schools and education initiatives - schedule regular joint meetings with KLSD and BCSD to explore areas of common interest

  43. Establish a library or expand existing library services ; publish town-wide audit of available services

  44. Partner with Traffic Safety Working Group - continue traffic calming measures to improve road safety ; publish annual report of accomplishments

  45. Install bike-sharing programs based at Katonah and Bedford Hills train stations

  46. Embrace and leverage more surveys to encourage resident feedback - everything from traffic and road safety concerns to programming feedback

  47. Create an inclusive playground for children of all abilities

  48. Implement a town-wide public safety awareness campaign

  49. Install security cameras in high-risk areas i.e. train station parking lots

  50. Measure and improve emergency response times ; publish annually

  51. Expand senior citizen center programs

  52. Promote intergenerational activities and events

  53. Re-energize community theater to facilitate more opportunities as well as use of our newly renovated Community House in Bedford Hills

  54. Identify and support programs for mental health

  55. Create a town newsletter or magazine to keep residents informed ; it can be ad-sponsored and expand the reach and communications to the community

  56. Evaluate street signage for clutter as well as for better wayfinding

  57. Improve dog park - add water fountains and webcams

  58. Develop a community sports complex

  59. Establish a town museum or historical society

  60. Support Community Center of Northern Westchester efforts in food support ; select liaison to the Town Board who reports quarterly

  61. Improve town clean-up day - get more community organizations involved beyond Chowder and Marching and KVIS ; study Yorktown's success

  62. Evaluate town-wide composting program - is it working?

  63. Audit public charging stations for electric vehicles - are they being used, at what cost?

  64. Promote hamlet business traffic through online platforms and social media

  65. Implement a town beautification program

  66. Consider establishing a loyalty program to support local businesses in conjunction with local chambers

  67. Improve accessibility for people with disabilities

  68. Create a town-wide recycling education campaign

  69. Develop a business retention and expansion program ; track vacancy rate

  70. Evaluate private vs town-provided garbage/waste collection

  71. Create a town market for locally produced goods

  72. Organize neighborhood watch programs ; connect with community via social media for suggestions

  73. Develop new opportunities for youth recreation

  74. Establish a community podcast

  75. Promote water conservation practices and develop metrics for measurement

  76. Install public art murals and sculptures

  77. Develop a technology innovation hub

  78. Establish a town hall or civic center

  79. Expand walking trails at recently purchased Buxton Gorge

  80. Implement a citizen feedback system for local government

  81. Track citizen complains via a trouble ticket system ; provide annual report of results

  82. Encourage Town Board members and department heads to host office hours that allow residents to schedule time to discuss issues, concerns and feedback

  83. Simplify the process to make it easier for community members to organize and throw neighborhood block parties

  84. Re-evaluate rental fees for town-owned buildings (Community House, Bedford Hills Train Station) to encourage residents to keep events in town

  85. Improve support of local sports teams and leagues ; form youth sports advisory group

  86. Secure a grant writer who operates on commission to identify and apply for grants that award Bedford with funds

  87. Establish a town-wide energy-saving challenge (competition between hamlets?)

  88. Develop a mentorship program for new residents - match each new family with a town official

  89. Start emergency robo-call system like Mount Kisco

  90. Publish emergency communications system combining email, social media channels and automated calls

  91. Develop a new business navigator program that assists new brick & mortar locations in opening and succeeding in Bedford

  92. Develop a community-based emergency preparedness plan ; involve residents and share results

  93. Establish a town-wide tree planting initiative

  94. Consider creating a public lookout point

  95. Create town sponsored young artist competition ; give annual award/consider scholarship

  96. Develop a town-wide historical preservation plan that goes beyond our historic building committee

  97. Install public water fountains in high-traffic areas

  98. Assign Town Board members as liaisons to community organizations an permitting boards

  99. Give an 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award to the most successful new business or best idea

  100. Audit public facilities for disabled individuals such as accessible restrooms and ramps

  101. Set annual goals at the Town Board level and regularly report on progress (i.e. OKR's)

  102. Obtain grant funding specifically allocated for improving drainage at the Katonah Pool fields as these frequently remain unusable for days after rainfall, unfairly affecting Little League and Softball programs.

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