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Worrisome Wednesdays

Like most Wednesday's following a Town of Bedford Board meeting, I am tired from a night of tossing and turning thinking about the direction our Town is headed. The latest example of their dysfunction was front and center during last nights' public comment when 85+ residents showed up to protest the Boards' proposal to settle with Verizon Wireless and approve a permit to build a 150+ foot cell tower in our town at 68 Stone Hill Road. I was angry when I heard from copious homeowners who lashed out at the precedent being established with this settlement - which would place the cell tower just 40 feet off the road when town law requires a 165 foot setback. I was frustrated when I heard a number of residents ask why their emails to this Town Board went unanswered and ignored for months prior. And I was frankly disgusted when our elected leaders attempted to dodge any and all blame for this decision - making previous administrations and even an 85 year old resident the scapegoats (the latter of which is completely untrue).

And our newly established Town Board is no stranger to controversy - this is just the latest in a series of gaffes. We're just a few months removed from their ultra confusing decision on leaf blowers - which started out as an environmental issue but ultimately became a revised noise ordinance. And we're one week away from their upcoming decision to opt-in to recreational marijuana shops here in Town, despite opting out back in December.

One-party rule is good for no one, and there's no better example of that than the Town of Bedford Board who seem to be making decisions in a vacuum, on a whim's notice and with complete and utter disregard for process.

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