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Campaign Misconceptions

I THOUGHT RUNNING FOR OFFICE WOULD be an exhaustive endeavor, both mentally and physically. But I can’t describe to you the amount of fun I’ve had over these last few months - interacting with new people, listening to their stories about Bedford, and actively participating in local events that would have otherwise escaped my awareness. Truth be told, I often find it difficult to close my eyes at night as my mind buzzes with excitement about the potential to carry on this journey for the next four years!

I THOUGHT RUNNING FOR OFFICE WOULD be a burden on my family. However, they have proven to be my most dedicated supporters throughout this journey. My wife Nell - who might be the least politically inclined person on the planet - is the first person to ask me every day, ‘What’s the T?’ (for my Boomer running mate Don, that is the equivalent of ‘what’s the update’). My parents - who live a few towns away - now boast a deeper knowledge of Bedford than most of my neighbors. And my brother and sister-in-law - who do live in Bedford and are juggling the arrival of their first-born child (also my Godson), have been by my side at every step.

I THOUGHT RUNNING FOR OFFICE WOULD lead some of my friends to distance themselves, but quite the opposite has occurred. I’ve not only forged new friendships but also deepened the bonds with those I already held. Friends of all backgrounds have rallied in full support - knocking on my door for a lawn sign or extending a donation with words of encouragement.

I THOUGHT RUNNING FOR OFFICE WOULD isolate me from society, but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been approached by people while out and about, expressing their admiration for our campaign. Some have praised the creativity of our lawn signs, while others have commended the ingenuity behind our “101 Ideas For Bedford”. It’s genuinely heartening to observe how our efforts have not only increased awareness of this election but also raised awareness about local issues among our fellow townspeople.

I THOUGHT RUNNING FOR OFFICE WOULD entail long hours in a war room, scribbling on dry-erase boards. But Don and I took a different approach this year and some of our most inventive ideas emerged while watching a football game together or sharing a drink at a local spot. Don’t misunderstand me - we put in a tremendous amount of effort into our campaign, but we were determined to infuse it with fun. This included the creation of eye-catching hot pink signs, the development of whimsical slogans like ‘Loved the Barbie Movie’, and the production of entertaining videos - which only took so long to film because we couldn't stop laughing at ourselves!

I THOUGHT RUNNING FOR OFFICE WOULD be an exercise in futility - at least here in Bedford - where bipartisan representation has been notably absent for years. However, we’ve invested significant time and effort in making our campaign more about the person than the party, with a laser focus on Bedford itself. While some may label our endeavors as mere ‘stunts’, we’ve fostered deep connections within the community and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Some individuals have expressed their intent to participate in an off-year election, a rare occurrence for them. Others have confided that this will mark their first time in a long time voting across party lines (and in a few instances, their first time ever doing so!). With this groundswell of support, I am confident that we are well-positioned to exceed expectations on election day.

And even if the election outcome doesn’t go our way, I will look back on this journey with a heart full of cherished memories and an absolute absence of regrets. I am acutely aware that I’ve invested my passion and dedication into this endeavor, leaving no space for self-doubt or second-guessing. Most importantly, I will hold my head high - secure in the knowledge that I conducted myself with unwavering integrity every step of the way.

Thank you Bedford.

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