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Andres Castillo, Bedford Town Board

Not one, but two members of the Bedford Town Board attended this event, which was promoted using the flyer below. What a slap in the face to Law Enforcement Officers and their families, and a real stain on the Town of Bedford.

Stephanie McCaine, Bedford Town Board
Bedford Police

Get to Know Your Bedford Town Board Members and the Bedford Democrats

Looking for insightful information about Bedford town governance and the individuals who serve on the town board? In this article, we'll delve into two members whose terms are expiring and could potentially run for re-election in 2025 - Andres Castillo and Stephanie McCaine - members of the Bedford Democratic Committee.

Andres Castillo not only attended this rally as an elected Bedford Town Board member, but also had the gall to speak at it. Castillo surely had seen the flyer - and potentially had a role in designing it. What a slap in the face to Law Enforcement Officers and their families!

Stephanie McCaine was also in attendance at this rally, but did not speak. As both a Town of Bedford Councilmember and Bedford Town Board liasion to the Bedford Police Department, Ms. McCaine's actions should resonate deeply. Stephanie also confirmed that she had seen the flyer prior to attending.

The Town of Bedford elected these Bedford Democrats to serve as leaders of the town, but with their participation - Councilmembers Andres Castillo and Stephanie McCaine did a disservice to Bedford. 

As you consider voting for the next Bedford Town Board member, I hope that you will remember that Bedford Democratic Committee members Stephanie McCaine and Andres Castillo willingly chose to attend this rally after seeing this highly offensive flyer. 

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