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Weekly Recap


Palladino OVER Gobena

  • How do you lose when your WR1 (Tyreek) goes off for 42 points? Simple, you have every other starter underperform, including a goose egg from your TE (Okonkwo). Adding insult to injury, BJ loses Dobbins for the year whose backup went on to score twice on Sunday.

  • While BJ's score would have been enough to beat 5 other teams this week, he unfortunately was playing what some in Bedford are calling the best squad ever assembled. No one player was particularly flashy but rather it was a balanced, all-around effort including the most double-digit scorers on the active roster (7).

Becker OVER Englander

  • I can't beat up Englander too bad because who would have thought Joe Burrow would have a worse stat line than Danny Jones on Sunday? Lucky for him, he has Tua on his bench who had a monster day and managed to avoid IR (at least for this week). His RBs - who most would call scrubs prior to Sunday - all had respectable days including Allgeier (albeit on the bench). I imagine he as well as Montgomery lose touches to Bijan and Jahmyr rather quickly, but for now Justin looks like Billy Beane (as long as you ignore the TE position)

  • If he was looking for starting RBs, Becker isn't a bad guy to talk to with Ekeler and Jones having huge days and putting up a combined 50 points. He better hope Jones' hamstring injury is short-term because his depth at RB is bleaker than the hopes of NY Giants fans right now. He is much better at finding WR depth however, including some Week 1 diamonds in the rough between Pittman, Addison, Nico Collins and Rashee Rice.

Davidson OVER Dawes

  • Justin Jefferson looked the part on Sunday, but that's about the only positive thing I can say about Jeremy's roster which saw every other starter underperform against projections. The only non QB TD scorer on his team was Darnell Mooney who was conveniently riding the bench. Yet his 90 points was good enough for a win (which I must note is the lowest winning score this week).

  • It's too soon to make an Aaron Rodgers joke, but there's not much else to talk about on Dawes roster other than a good looking SF DEF who had more points than any of his starters this week . Lucky for him, he stashed Goff on the bench who looked good on Thursday and can be his starter, but he will be without Kupp for at least another 4 weeks and Rodgers for even longer.

Seiden OVER Cullam

  • Armed Rodgery turned out to be a pretty good name... Aaron walks away with 'Biggest Blowout of the Week' with a 72 point differential, despite getting 0 points from his WR1 (Higgins). DeShaun Watson looked like a well-oiled, relaxed, and massaged self putting up 24 points and CMAC exploded for a 27 point day

  • Kyle's team not only didn't have a single active player cross double-digits, but he also featured two starting positions that had negative points (Graham Gano and NYG DEF each lost him a point) giving him the lowest score of the week. He essentially rides or dies with the NYG this year - and I couldn't think of a worse bet to make - so he better hope they find an offensive line in the immediate future or else it's going to be a long season with Danny Nickels and Barkley.

Giloth OVER Crowell

  • 'Kevin's Ingenious Team' - who had the highest graded draft - looked anything but this week, scoring just 81 points. With proper roster management - or at the very least, removing Christian Watson who was marked as inactive this week - he could have put up a more competitive fight (and possibly even won had he started Hall & Shaheed).

  • Giloth didn't even need contributions from his TE as he got double digit points from the QB, WR, RB, Flex and DEF positions. I still think he's crazy to dedicate two roster spots to Defenses, but both had double digit points and maybe he's on to something here.

Nave OVER Lacker

  • Speaking of defenses, Greg got 37 points from the DAL DEF which went off against the Little Giants. Even without that contribution, Nave had a solid week that featured 20+ points from Mahomes and Aiyuk respectively. And like Crowell, Greg said fuck your injury report - I'm going to start an inactive player (Kelce).

  • Lacker enjoyed a rather balanced week from his team - featuring double digit contributions from 5 starters, but even with an ideal lineup he loses to the highest point total in the league. Jeff not only has the highest scoring total in a loss, but would have beat 6 other teams this week.


  1. Nave (150.74)

  2. Palladino (134.44)

  3. Becker (118.36)

  4. Seiden (113.16)

  5. Giloth (104.22)

  6. Davidson (90.00)


  1. Lacker (103.14)

  2. Gobena (96.64)

  3. Englander (83.08)

  4. Crowell (80.52)

  5. Dawes (73.00)

  6. Cullam (41.36)

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